Adobe | Ad Council

We shot a couple really meaningful short docs for the Ad Council, all sponsored by Adobe. I was DP here with additional photography by Paul Lundahl and Kat Lundahl. We were really fortunate to spend a couple days with Anna and her family as they shared some of their own personal trails navigating the pandemic.

Cisco | Threathunters

I love this project. I shot all the interviews with the Talos team and was fascinated by their stories. Now, when I need a fix of deep dives into cybersecurity, I check out their podcast, “Beers with Talos.”

Adobe | Katrina

We had the pleasure of spending a couple days following Katrina Williams of Fifty Two Hundred Photo as she photographed clients in the Raliegh / Durham area. It was a real pleasure to watch her work with clients and capturing amazing images. She is an incredible photographer and a delightful person.

DPD | Decision Clarity

I put this production together for a small team of marketers working with Steve Scheier and the Decision Clarity Group. We had a day of production on a white stage and used pre-existing illustrations from his book to create a cost effective and successful introduction to the organization.

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