Cirque Du Soliel | Three Socials

Three social videos directed, shot and edited for Cirque du Soleil, Kooza, 2024

Lou Seal visits Kooza

Lou Seal, the legendary mascot of the SF Giants, is training with Kooza! That sounds like a fun setup to me! Inside the traveling gym behind the main tent, you can see the amount of work and conditioning that goes into every show. Everyone is so ripped!

For me, it was a blast to join Lou Seal and the aerial team to see what we could come up with. We covered three scenarios and the establishing scene in about an hour, allowing everyone to get back to their workouts.

Kooza and BART

We left the main tent at 11:30 am but had to return by 2 pm so everyone could prepare for the performance that night. With warm-ups and train rides factored in, there was no time to waste. Fortunately, working with a team like this was never an issue. The dedication and skill of Cirque du Soleil performers are evident to anyone who has witnessed their shows. I had a great time improvising moments with the cast members. It was brief, yes, but that just makes it more fun.

San Jose Premier

It was a real pleasure to join the Cirque du Soleil team again to mix it up with the crowd at the premier night party. Their exceptional hospitality and knack for entertaining guests never fails to impress! Of course, we captured some awesome reactions. It was easy because the show was simply phenomenal. To top it off, I ate dinner with the crew and got to witness the familial nature of the company. It was an opportunity for me to see a small picture of the circus life. At which point i say, “it’s hard to call it work.”

Cirque Du Soliel | Three Socials

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