Adobe | Clare V. Handbags

There is nothing not to love about Clare Vivier and the company she has built. Beware of walking in to one of their stores and thinking you won’t want to buy something! Here she talks about using the Adobe Express tools to create social media content. This project was a joy to work on from …

Adobe | Clare V. Handbags view

DPD | Diabetes Mine Test Kitchen

One of my all time favorite productions. I put this together with a huge amount of help from Gordon McIver and Cisco Rivera of Rebel Sun. The video introduced the latest effort from Amy Tendrich of the Diabetes Mine website.

DPD | Decision Clarity

I put this production together for a small team of marketers working with Steve Scheier and the Decision Clarity Group. We had a day of production on a white stage and used pre-existing illustrations from his book to create a cost effective and successful introduction to the organization.

Topcon | Testimonial Highlights

Here is a classic case for reusing assets. This is a simple edit to highlight some of the top quotes about machine control products. It’s a format that plays well at a trade show as well as on the web. I think I only shot one of the interviews but I enjoyed putting this together.

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